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Selecting the right gear is crucial for athletes who want to excel in their sport while minimizing potential injuries. This holds particularly true in high-intensity disciplines like CrossFit, where hand injuries are common.

Adequate hand protection not only saves athletes from discomfort but also ensures they don’t miss out on training sessions. As such, CrossFit grips have emerged as an essential piece of fitness equipment for practitioners aiming to safeguard their hands during rigorous routines or just to improve their grip strength.

With an array of options on the market, determining the best CrossFit grips involves rigorous testing and hands-on experience. The process includes evaluating a variety of grips in real workout scenarios, considering aspects like durability, ease of transition between exercises, and overall protection.

Best CrossFit Grips – Overview:

Best CrossFit Grips Overall: Bear Komplex Carbon Fiber Hand Grips

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from durable carbon fiberNon-slip properties, providing stability without requiring additional chalk
  • Design: Three-hole coverageA trio of slots for the fingers enhances control and protection
  • Features:
    • Secured wrist support
    • Non-slip grip enhancement
    • Flexibility for hand mobility
  • Durability: Built to last with robust carbon fiber material
  • Comfort: Padded palm area ensures comfort


  • Tri-finger cutouts increase surface contact for a secure grip
  • Carbon fiber texture enhances grip without adding bulk
  • Exceptional longevity, resisting wear effectively


  • Leather alternatives outperform these grips in barbell exercises
  • Finger holes may expand and can cause discomfort over time
  • Placement over the index finger may feel unconventional for some users

Designed to assist in maintaining a firm grasp on slick and powder-coated workout equipment, these Bear Komplex Carbon Fiber Gymnastics Grips utilize a distinctive carbon composition. The adhesive quality of the carbon fiber is ideal for those who prioritize a secure grip in their gymnastics routines. Popular among professional CrossFit athletes, the product’s three-finger design, exclusive to the brand, is preferred to the two-finger variant for its superior hold.

While their sticky grip and featherlight composition stand out, their performance is somewhat less impressive in weightlifting. Additionally, the round finger apertures could benefit from a more hand-friendly shape to alleviate initial discomfort. An appreciable feature is the design of the wrist strap that is crafted from the same carbon material, which prevents any uncomfortable digging in by the velcro strap, a common drawback in less expensive options.

The grips’ design includes an unusual element: rather than aligning with the traditional last three fingers, they are cut to fit over the index, middle, and ring fingers, a choice that may require a period of adjustment for the wearer. Despite this, the material’s resilience against wear is commendable, promising long-lasting use to athletes.

Best Budget CrossFit Grips: Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips

Key Features

  • Cost-effective: Accessible pricing compared to premium brands.
  • Extended Grip Length: Enhanced grasping capacity due to extra length.
  • Two-Finger Loop System: Simple yet effective design catering to essential coverage.
  • Comfort Material: Suede texture ensures hand comfort during extensive workouts.


  • Budget-Friendly: Highly affordable without significant quality compromise.
  • Increased Grip Control: Longer design aids in control, allowing the material to wrap around bars.
  • Material Comfort: Features a dual-sided suede finish, elevating user comfort.


  • Grip Deterioration: Prone to reduced traction with heavy use and accumulation of chalk.
  • Possible Strap Discomfort: The wrist strap may cause discomfort during prolonged usage.
  • Two-Finger Loop Limitations: Offers less coverage which might affect protection and grip.

Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips are specifically aimed at those seeking hand protection from rigorous exercises such as high-rep pull-ups and kettlebell swings, without investing heavily. These grips cater to users who prioritize functionality over luxury.

The extra-long grips, which are favored by top athletes for the advantage of folding over the bar, enhance your hold and can significantly change the workout experience. These grips stand as a reliable option for regular workouts, although they do face issues with comfort and traction over time, especially with substantial chalk buildup.

Utilizing a leather strip measuring 2.5 inches in width, the double-sided suede textured leather is designed to provide comfort, yet the grips may become slippery with intense use. An aspect to note is the fastening method which involves a Velcro strap and a plastic buckle that has the potential to press uncomfortably against the skin. This results from the grips’ identical design for both hands, which may lead to the buckle resting inconsistently on different wrists.

Despite the potential for discomfort and decrease in grip over time, these grips serve as a substantial option for athletes who want a balance between cost and functionality. The durability of the Rogue V2 Gymnastics Grips positions them amongst useful training accessories for those on a budget, though certain design improvements could enhance their appeal.

Best Comfortable CrossFit Grips: PICSIL Condor Grips

Key Features

  • Design: These grips are fingerless, which allows for quick transitions during workouts and may provide a more natural feel on the bar.
  • Comfort: The fabric used is comfortable to the touch, enhancing the user experience during prolonged training sessions.
  • Grip: They offer an excellent grip, reducing the need for chalk and increasing safety and performance on the bar.
  • Durability: The Condor Grips are built to last, offering great resistance to wear and tear.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of exercises, including Cross Training, gymnastics, pull-ups, and weightlifting.
  • Protection: They are designed to prevent blisters and tears, providing increased hand protection during workouts.
  • Price: The grips are moderately priced, offering a balance between quality and affordability.

The PICSIL Condor Grips are designed to provide durability, comfort, and hand protection for various exercises. Unlike traditional grips that may have two or three holes for fingers, these grips are fingerless, made with a special Technical Fabric for enhanced grip and comfort.

They offer a balance of quality and cost-effectiveness, potentially delivering excellent value for their price point.

On testing these crossfit grips, I found them to be exceptionally comfortable, conforming well to the hand’s natural contours. The material choice is commendable, providing a secure grip that instills confidence when using the pull up bar or lifting weights. The durability aspect is also notable; they withstand frequent use without showing significant signs of wear and tear.

The moderate pricing is the cherry on top, positioning the PICSIL Condor Grips as a smart investment for both amateur and professional athletes. They strike an excellent balance between price and performance, making them a worthy addition to any fitness enthusiast’s gear collection.

Overall, these comfortable grips earn high marks for their protective features and value, making them a recommended purchase for those looking to safeguard their hands during intense training sessions.

Best Wrist Support CrossFit Grips: JerkFit WODies

Key Features

  • Durability: Crafted for longevity
  • Material: Woven fabric ensures breathability
  • Protection: Minimizes hand tears
  • Design: Integrated wrist wraps for added support
  • Versatility: Suitable for various exercises
  • Comfort: Ergonomic fit reduces fatigue


  • Robust wrist reinforcement from a sturdy wrap
  • Competitively priced for wide accessibility
  • Tri-hole design enables a secure fit
  • Laundry machine compatible for easy maintenance


  • Requires wrist band usage for grip activation
  • The additional padding of the grip may not suit all preferences
  • Precise sizing is crucial due to snug fitting

The JerkFit WODies serve dual purposes, offering necessary wrist backing while guarding the hands during rigorous training sessions. These grips are well-suited for those seeking comprehensive wrist and palm protection. JerkFit pioneered this product with the introduction of a neoprene three-finger design, aiming to marry comfort with functionality.

The grips integrate wrist support with a palm pad, tailored for those who favor additional cushioning. The trade-off, however, is that some may find the thicker padding lessens the feel and control during exercise. The product’s fabrication includes an anti-allergenic latex-free stretch material, adding to its appeal for those with sensitivities.

An attractive feature is the product’s compatibility with household washers and dryers, simplifying upkeep. Upon purchase, customers tailor the finger holes themselves based on a provided sizing chart, ensuring a custom fit.

While the wrist support from the WODies is appreciated, there is an argument to be made for developing natural wrist strength without reliance on added materials.

These grips are recommended for athletes who prioritize a blend of comfort and protection at a good value. Despite the necessity to have the wrist wraps in play to enjoy the grip’s full benefits, the JerkFit WODies stand as a practical choice for safeguarding hands and wrists during demanding workouts.

Best Single-Use Grips: WOD & DONE

Key Features

  • Utilizes a single-use design for convenience
  • Offers extremely pliable material for flexibility
  • Provides a skin-tight fit suitable for most hand sizes
  • Equipped with a self-sticking mechanism for ease of application


  • Comes with a robust wrist support
  • Accessibly priced for most users
  • Designed with three finger holes for optimal grip
  • Compatible with washing machines and dryers


  • Restrictive usage, only operable with wrist wraps
  • The thickness of the grip may not suit everyone’s preference
  • Precision in sizing is critical because of the snug design

WOD & DONE grips offer efficient hand protection and a superior grip experience tailored for one-time use. They cater well to individuals requiring a secure feel on the bar, especially those with smaller hands who might struggle to find a comfortable fit with reusable options. The grips are designed to stick firmly during rigorous activities, assuring athletes of maximum performance without the distraction of hand injuries.

This WOD & DONE grip offers an ideal solution for individuals new to grips or who only need them occasionally. They provide handy, short-term protection for emergencies like sudden tears or for those wanting to test grips without commitment. While the convenience of single-use grips is beneficial for irregular use, they’re not recommended for those requiring a frequent grip solution due to environmental and economic impracticalities.

These grips resemble kinesiology tape and adjust to fit a wide range of hand sizes, from younger athletes to those with larger hands. They remain secure during workouts and provide ample protection against hand tears. The grips may encounter some slippage on metal bars but generally perform well on wooden rings. Despite their durability for a single-use product, the cost factor may be a point to consider when assessing their practicality for repeated purchases.

Best Minimalist Grips: JINGCHUAN Minimalist Gloves

Key Features

  • Minimalist Design: Designed to provide essential protection while maintaining a natural grip.
  • 3mm Padding: Offers a balance between hand protection and feel for the bar.
  • Half Hand Coverage: Ensures breathability and reduces overheating during workouts.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of activities including weightlifting, cross-training, and gymnastics.


  • Enhanced Grip: The thin padding improves the user’s grip on workout equipment.
  • Breathability: Open design helps to keep hands cool and reduce sweat during exercise.
  • Protection: Helps to prevent calluses and blisters without the bulk of traditional gloves.
  • Comfort: Lightweight material and design make for a comfortable workout experience.


  • Limited Cushioning: May not provide enough protection for those who need more padding for heavy lifting.
  • Durability Concerns: Minimalist gloves might not be as durable as full-coverage, thicker gloves for some users.
  • Not for All Exercises: The reduced padding may not be ideal for all types of exercises, especially where more hand cushioning is preferred.

The JINGCHUAN Minimalist Gloves are designed for individuals who engage in activities such as weightlifting, kettlebell workouts, pull-ups, rowing, cross-training, WODs (Workout of the Day), yoga, and gymnastics. They are known for their minimalist design, which aims to provide protection without the bulkiness of traditional workout gloves.

One of the key features of these gloves is the 3mm padding which offers a balance between comfort and a firm grip, ensuring that the user’s hands are protected from calluses while still allowing for a natural feel of the bar or equipment. This minimal padding is appreciated by users who prefer to maintain a closer contact with the workout gear, which can be crucial for exercises that require a strong and secure grip.

Moreover, the gloves are designed to be cool and breathable, covering only half of the hands and fingers, which helps to prevent overheating and excessive sweating during intense workouts. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who work out in warmer environments or who naturally tend to have sweaty palms.

However, it’s worth noting that while the gloves are intended to be minimal yet protective, some users have found that they may not provide enough cushioning for certain exercises or for individuals who prefer a more substantial barrier against heavy lifting equipment.

In summary, the JINGCHUAN Minimalist Gloves are a suitable choice for athletes who prefer a lightweight and non-intrusive glove that provides essential protection without sacrificing the natural feel of their workout. However, individuals seeking more comprehensive support and cushioning may need to consider gloves with additional padding.

Evaluation Criteria

Cost Assessment

The evaluation began by considering various grips that offer value across different price ranges. Grips priced beyond $50 did not exhibit significant advantages to justify the cost, while those under $20 often compromised on quality. The guiding principle adhered to the axiom of value proportionate to investment.

Each CrossFit grip tested, demonstrated attributes that merited their consideration.

Longevity and Build Quality

The assessment protocol implemented a rigorous examination of the gymnastic grips’ build quality, the materials used, and their longevity, alongside their warranty terms and their cost-effectiveness.

The testing included several exercises pertinent to both CrossFit routines and conventional gymnastics, such as various pull-up variations, and muscle-ups on an array of rings.

Subsequent to the testing, the perspectives of diverse users were solicited to gain a holistic understanding of the relative preferences for the different grips evaluated.

Benefits Of Using CrossFit Hand Protection

Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are an unwelcome guest in any athlete’s training regimen. Utilizing hand protection during workouts significantly reduces the risk of injuries such as calluses and skin tears, especially during repetitive bar work like kipping movements and muscle-ups. While hand guards aren’t a miracle barrier against all injuries, they substantially lower the likelihood of such occurrences.

  • Minimizes friction on hands during bar exercises
  • Offers a layer of defense, reducing callus formation and tears
  • Not absolute protection but greatly reduces injury risks

Improved Grip Strength

Improving one’s grip on the bar enhances workout performance and safety. High-grade hand protection often includes materials that enhance grip beyond what bare hands and chalk accomplish. Moreover, wrist straps distribute some of the load away from the hand muscles, potentially allowing for a prolonged grip on the equipment.

  • Materials used provide additional tackiness for superior grip
  • Wrist straps assist in offloading hand muscles
  • May help in increasing the duration an athlete can maintain a grip

Hygiene Maintenance

With various individuals sharing workout equipment, maintaining hygiene becomes a concern. Hand protection offers an added layer of separation between an athlete and communal equipment, which could be laden with sweat, or worse, sharp skin tears from previous users. Remember, this does not negate the importance of sanitation practices, but it can impart a sense of reassurance during workouts.

  • Offers a barrier between hands and communal gym equipment
  • Provides a sense of cleanliness during exercise
  • Complements but does not replace proper sanitizing habits

Essential Factors In Selecting CrossFit Grips

Design And Finger Placement

For those engaged in gymnastics, selecting handgear with proper construction is crucial for both reliable performance and longevity. Well-crafted products are associated with enhanced durability and efficacy. It is often advised to opt for options accommodating three fingers, as this design offers improved protection against callus development and potential tears in high-friction areas.

Choice Of Fabric

The selection of material for handgear contributes to both the comfort and the resilience of the grips. While leather was found to be preferable due to its robustness, alternative materials including carbon fiber and synthetic microfiber are also effective, particularly in their capacity to endure intense workout sessions. Silicone variants are available; however, they might not provide the same level of satisfaction as the aforementioned materials.

Lifespan Expectancy

Regular users of gymnastic grips may find it necessary to replace their equipment periodically, typically every six months to a year, regardless of the reinforced nature of some models. Products that are designed to be single-use may serve their immediate purpose but offer little long-term value and contribute to unnecessary waste.


A quality pair of grips should be able to withstand regular use for up to six months. Should the equipment fail to meet these expectations, a dependable warranty process is a mark of a reputable company, ready to address any shortcomings of their product.


The cost of such equipment should reflect its build quality and functionality. Without making cost the sole determining factor, it is noteworthy that the preferred choices ranged from $20 to $50, striking a balance between affordability and the benefits provided.

Frequently Asked Questions About CrossFit Grips

What Grips Do CrossFit Athletes Use?

Preferences for hand grips among CrossFit competitors vary, but there’s a notable trend towards certain brands. Bear Komplex grips have been spotlighted as the official grips of the CrossFit Games and are favored by elite athletes such as Mat Fraser and Tia Clair-Toomey. Other premium options like Rogue V2 and Victory Grips are also popular among top competitors like Katrin Davidsdottir and Kari Pearce.

Comparing Two-Hole and Three-Hole Grips

Whether to choose two-hole or three-hole grips often comes down to personal preference. Nevertheless, three-hole grips are frequently recommended because they provide comprehensive protection for areas of the hand more prone to tearing during intense workouts.

How Big Should My CrossFit Grips Be?

To ensure the best performance, CrossFit grips should possess a snug fit akin to a second skin. They shouldn’t restrict blood flow or cause discomfort, nor should they be so loose that they risk slipping off during exercises. Finding the right fit is crucial for both comfort and safety during workouts.

Remember, selecting the right hand grip is essential for performance and hand health, so consider these factors carefully when choosing your equipment.

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